It can also be requested with a loan in progress and without specifying the purpose: we are talking about the loan by wocer, the extra loan for employees. Let’s find out together what are the steps to proceed with a renewal.

The loan with delegation: the extra solution

The loan with delegation: the extra solution

The wocer loan is a particular type of personal loan that is not finalized, with a fixed rate and a constant rate. This is a complementary form of financing, if another type of financing is already underway, such as a fifth sale contract. For this reason, the wocer loan is also known as double fifth. It presents all the requirements of comfort and flexibility in terms of deduction on salary and the repayment installment affects, in fact, for another fifth. It is exclusively dedicated to permanent employees with permanent contracts.

Thanks to the wocer loan you can take advantage of the opportunity to request an additional sum even if you already have another loan in place. Convenience, convenience and simplicity are characteristics of this type of loan, the delivery of which is direct, without intermediation fees. You have the right to extinguish it when you wish, but also to proceed with a renegotiation.



Renewal or renegotiation, being a new loan request with wocer that takes place after extinguishing the previous loan, is subject to a new preliminary investigation and approval process. Those who decide to renew in advance the payment delegation in progress, to obtain a new loan, can request it before the expiration date, having a clear idea of ​​the resulting economic advantage.

However, there are some steps to be respected:

  • The amount remaining to be repaid must be estimated;
  • 40% of the depreciation plan must have been reached;
  • The unpaid interest expense and part of the insurance premiums not enjoyed can be recovered.

To give an example: a 120-month delegated loan will be renewable after 48 months, ie only after reaching 40% of the time.

When you have an amortization plan of less than 60 installments, the renewal can be requested at any time on condition that you agree to enter into a new contract that provides for an amortization schedule of 120 installments (the last installment must be settled within eighty-one years of age), then at least ten years.

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