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Dark Music Domain can be contacted at any of the email addresses below. If you do NOT receive a reply after emailing, please do not be discouraged! You are NOT being ignored. Sometimes mail does not come through. In that case, email! DO NOT ADD DARK MUSIC DOMAIN TO YOUR MAILING LIST WITHOUT PERMISSION! We really don’t want to hear about some concert in Venezuela, or your “dark” art exhibit being held in South Africa! And we do not dabble in metal, so do not email us asking to have your metal band signed to our label. (Dark Music Domain doesn’t even have a record label division.)


WARNING TO SPAMMERS: Do NOT send UNSOLICITED email to Dark Music Domain regarding your concerts, your art exhibits, your METAL band, etcetera!! YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS will be added to OUR NEWSLETTER MAILING LIST immediately (turn-about is fair play), and placed on the BLACKLIST of all Dark Music Domain email accounts. RECORD LABELS and (MUSIC) ARTISTS should -ASK- before adding Dark Music Domain to any newsletter mailing lists!! Asking FIRST is common courtesy!

… Final warning!