Mortgage loan PLN 375 thousand Mortgage loan comparison

Mortgage loan PLN 370 thousand. Comparison of mortgage loans PLN 375000. The value of the property is PLN 450,000. Real estate, it can be, for example, a house, a flat, a building plot. The calculation of loan installments is only an estimation and an example. The calculator is primarily used to read information about the […]

Loans without BIK – is verification required in the Credit Information Bureau?

Credit Information Bureau, referred to in short, BIK is a database where all information on loans and borrowings taken in banks and credit unions (cooperative savings and credit unions) and even information from loan companies that have concluded a separate agreement with BIK on exchange data. Is it possible to borrow without checking the information […]

A loan for home or flat renovation Review of banks and products

Loan for home or flat renovation. What loan for the apartment renovation will be the best? A cash loan, a mortgage or a non-bank loan? The cost of renovation, independent whether it is only painting and wallpapering, or a general renovation of the apartment and house, it still requires adequate financial outlay. Such an expense […]